A Ford Mustang is race-inspired. It is available in different trims with the Shelby GT500 having the most race-inspired materials and a design that makes it look ready for the tracks. You will see features, such as a racing cockpit and RECARO racing seats in the Shelby GT500. Most of the other models also look like race cars.

The models feature advanced aerodynamics with a rear spoiler and a large hood vent that enhances cooling. You get up to 20-inch aluminum wheels for racing and stability on the tracks. If you need more air, you can go for a Ford Mustang convertible, which brings so much fun. The GT and the EcoBoost allow you to open up the top with a single button. These two models also feature a high-powered engine, so you can enjoy the thrill of riding on the open highway. Even when you open up the top, you still get sufficient trunk space.


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