Our Victory Ford team loved the Ford Escape even before it acquired trendy tech features. However, its trendy tech features just give us more to love about this powerful, efficient, compact SUV. Take a look.

Reverse/Front Parking Aid

Ford Escape has a self-parking feature called Active Park Assist. When you shift the Ford Escape into Neutral and hold down Active Park Assist, the Ford Escape slows, brakes, accelerates and steers itself into or out of a parking spot. Added support comes from the Reverse and Front Parking Aid as well as Park Out Assist. The latter helps you ease out of parking spots when another car is parked too close.

Adaptive Cruise Control

With this feature the Ford Escape adjusts its own speed in traffic to maintain optimal following gaps. Adaptive Cruise Control includes Stop-and-Go, which monitors slowing, stopping and going. Stop-and-go maximizes braking and accelerating to enhance efficiency while minimizing wear and tear on vehicle components.


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