The Ford C-Max is Designed Smart

The Ford C-Max hybrid remains a popular alternative to owning a traditional car or pickup. Space, convenience and fuel-efficiency are some of the many features that come standard on the C-Max. We have the latest models for your viewing and testing pleasure in Kansas City.

Approach the C-Max with the key fob in a pocket and purse. Touch the door handle and unlock the door. The technology also locks the doors when you leave. With a simple push of a button, start or stop the engine.

Smart gauges help you drive more efficiently by displaying the levels of gas and electric power. The better you do, the more leaves appear on the fuel-efficiency vine. The hassle of parallel parking becomes a thing of the past thanks to the park assist technology. The smart tech finds you a space and quickly guides the vehicle into place by visually guided direction. Explore all of the features available on the C-Max at our Victory Ford.



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