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A Century of Trucking Excellence with Ford

This month, it's been 100 years since our favorite American automaker officially entered the truck business and now, a century later, we have the 2017 Ford F-150 to get us through nearly any driving situation that comes our way! It's hard to visualize 100 years of change so, to make it very clear, the automaker has put together a video that shows their trucks from their humble beginnings all the way up to the upcoming 2018 F-150. Take a look and get a quick history lesson with us:


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Save Your Sanity with These Kid-Friendly Road Trip Tips

We love bringing our kids on vacations and helping them form happy memories in their childhood but, bless 'em, they can be a bit of a handful sometimes when you keep them strapped in a car for hours on end. So, if you have a family road trip coming up, allow us to give you some tips that will keep everyone smiling.

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