Ford Explorer continues to evolve, getting stronger and smarter with each new generation. A celebrated three-row SUV among critics, drivers and our Victory Ford team, Explorer has much to brag about in the areas of comfort, efficiency and power. Take the following two performance features for example.

Safe, Smooth Downhill Travel

Explorer's horsepower and torque in the 350 to 400 range mean it tows and hauls like nobody's business. To keep things safe for drivers and passenger, there is Explorer's Hill Descent Control. No matter what you're towing/hauling, this feature adjusts braking and traction at a preset speed of 2mph to 12mph, so you can steer more carefully and confidently down steep grades.

Keeping Trailers in Tow

Thanks to Explorer's Trailer Sway Control, you can avoid dangerous teetering trailer scenarios. This feature not only tells you when your trailer is swaying, it reduces engine power and applies intelligent brakes to individual wheels as needed.

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