Jump into Spring with These Four Easy Car Care Tips

The new season is here, folks, and that means warm weather and sunny days perfect for a long cruise in your Ford vehicle! Of course, if you haven't readied your ride for spring yet, we here at Victory Ford have Four Easy Car Care Tips to help you get off on the right foot for the warm months. Take a look below, make a mental note, and start having a more enjoyable drive all season long:



  1. Clean off your vehicle's exterior. All the salt and grime from the winter roads can leave your ride looking pretty ragged; a good wash and wax job can reinvigorate even the oldest vehicles to a sparkling shine.
  2. Clean out your vehicle's interior. Similar to the point above, cleaning and vacuuming out your cluttered cabin can make even routine errands feel fresh again. Your passengers will thank you, too.
  3. Get a new set of wiper blades. Ice and snow can rip up the rubber on your wiper blades. If your current set is leaving lots of streaks, or you have entire areas of your windshield that are untouched (even on the passenger side is important!), a fresh pair is absolutely necessary.
  4. Put on your summer tires. Keeping your winter tires on during the spring and summer is not only a bad idea for your budget, but it increases road noise and hurts your fuel economy. Switch to summer or all-season tires to keep your drives as smooth and efficient as possible.

Need even more assistance? You can schedule a service appointment right here at our Kansas City, KS dealership and leave all the hard work to our trained technicians. If you have questions for them, call our service center at ; for everything else, we hope to see you soon!

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