Discover How to Jump Start Another Car Safely with Jumper Cables

To safely get a car jump-started, you will need a wire brush, jumper cables, and safety gloves and glasses. Move the cars in position nose-to-nose, then turn off the engine and the car lights will need to be off. Open the car hoods, look to see if any corrosion is on the terminals. Put on glasses and gloves, use the wire brush to remove the corrosion to create clean contact points.

Take the red clamps from the jumper cables, red to good battery positive terminal, red to bad battery positive terminal. Take black clamps, first the negative on the good battery, then any metal surface you can find on the car to get jumped. Start your car, wait a couple minutes as the car is revving, now start the other car.

Now that the car should be running, take it to Victory Ford to have the car battery tested and replaced if it can no longer keep a charge.



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