Real-Time Information in the 2018 Ford Fusion Energi

The 2018 Ford Fusion Energi is designed to provide you with constant feedback while you're driving. This popular plug-in hybrid is equipped with a unique instrument panel that can be configured to display the information that's most important to you.

The panel is called SmartGauge. It can help you improve the vehicle's efficiency with EcoGuide. As you drive, gauges will display engine power and current battery capacity. The Brake Coach feature will also teach you how to apply your brakes appropriately so that you can get better performance and more power. Two small displays are positioned on either side of the speedometer. You can easily cycle through informational pages with the built-in navigational buttons on the steering wheel.

Come see the 2018 Ford Fusion Energi for yourself by visiting us at Victory Ford in Kansas City, KS. We'll show you how the SmartGauge works and set you up for a test drive so that you can see how it can change the way you drive.

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