Ford F-150 Raptor: A truck to Rule All Trucks

No matter what angle you approach the F-150 Raptor from, it communicates the same, unwavering message, "I'm Mean". The F-150 Raptor was designed to dominate the street, the trail, and the track.

Every feature is engineered to provide top level performance while also being designed to communicate that dominance with just a glance. The trim specific black out grille featuring an oversized angular Ford badge screams tough, with a terminator style cool factor that is highly sought after.

The grated cage-style mesh hints at the beast lurking behind. The bumpers are cropped at the corners, which help increase the attack angle of the truck off-road, but also show off the huge 315 size off-road tires. Centered between the cropped corners is a full-width steel skid plate, which aside from protecting the race spec running gear underneath, looks really cool. The balance of performance gear and cool truck styling is unmatched in the truck world today.

The Raptor is far from a mere trim package, it is a truck built to rule. Come see how dominant this truck is first hand at Victory Ford.

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