Keep a clear view: clean your vehicle's headlights

Your vehicle's headlights can make difference between a safe trip and a dimly lit wreck. You can keep your headlights clean and clear by putting a little elbow grease into the act and utilizing one of the methods below.

Bug repellent

Some people swear by using bug repellent to clean their headlights. If you choose to use this method, be sure to spray the repellent directly on to your cleaning cloth. Bug repellents containing DEET can damage your vehicle's paint, and possibly the headlight itself, when sprayed directly on to your vehicle's surface.


You use it on your teeth to keep them clean and bright. Why not use it on your headlights? Toothpaste is safe for plastic headlights and those made of glass. You apply some of the minty goodness to your cleaning cloth and then rub it on to your headlights. Simply hose off or wipe clean and you will have a clearly lit road to travel.

There are home cleaning kits you can use to keep your lights shining bright. Most car manufacturers warn against using anything just too harsh or abrasive. Just remember that keeping your headlights is simple. You can visit Victory Ford to help you with the not-so-simple aspects of your vehicle's maintenance.
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