Take a Look at These Performance Features Offered With the 2018 Ford C-Max

Are you shopping for a compact hybrid? If you are, there are many options, but the 2018 Ford C-Max ranks among the best when it comes to compact hybrids. The vehicle offers a stylish appeal as well as numerous performance features. To learn more about the performance features offered with the Ford C-Max, please read further.

The C-Max offers an Electronically Continuously Controlled Variable Transmission (eCVT). With this transmission, the hybrid is able to provide you with a seamless ride because the powertrain uses energy from the electric motor and engine during acceleration. Another notable performance feature is Brake Coach. With Brake Coach, you are directed on how to brake to optimize energy return to the engine.

These are just a few performance features included with the 2018 Ford C-Max. To learn more and take a test drive in the compact hybrid, visit us at Victory Ford in Kansas City, KS.

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