Why You Shouldn't Skip-Out On Your Vehicle's Scheduled Maintenance

 The key to keeping your vehicle running smoothly is no secret. Your vehicle consists of many different parts that subjected to harsh conditions day in and day out. Over time carbon builds up in the motor as a byproduct of the combustion process, transmission fluid becomes contaminated by tiny pieces of clutch material from everyday wear and tear and belts and hoses wear away until they are no longer safe to use.

 Your vehicle will require different types of maintenance throughout its lifetime. This will include oil and oil filter changes, transmission fluid and filter changes, air filter changes, tune-ups, tire rotation and balancing and alignments. Skipping scheduled maintenance will mean driving your vehicle with worn out parts that are subject to break. This can result in serious and costly damage to your vehicle and may void your vehicle's warranty!

 The mechanics at Victory Ford in Kansas City will be more than happy to help you schedule your vehicle for the maintenance it needs and help keep your vehicle rolling for years to come!

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