Create a Great Trunk-or-Treat Display

The best trunk-or-treat plans are often created with lots of thought. Turning your vehicle's cargo space into a Halloween display can be lots of fun. That said, it's a process that takes planning and work.

You need to think about your trunk or hatch space first. You can measure it out to see what the specifications are. This way you can know how big you can go with your Halloween project.

Decorating a car is different than a human body. You have to work with your car body. You have to utilize the specific size and space. You can use headlights or taillights as eyes. You can build deep inside the trunk or on top. You can costume the entire vehicle, if you want. It's up to your imagination. The theme can be scary. It can be light. It just needs to be something kids will recognize.

If you've been looking for a car with more cargo space, for trunk-or-treat or more, get in touch Victory Ford in Kansas City, KS. We have some great cars in stock that can help you through this event, the next one, and then some.

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