Ford Blind Spot Information System - The Sweet Relief That Safety Can Bring

Getting to a better understanding of our lane status is what we need as drivers. The traditional blind-spot-viewing way of looking into our external and internal mirrors and turning our head nearly 180 degrees are not the best methods to use, especially turning your head and taking your eyes off the road. With that being said, The Ford Blind Spot Information System provides a better and safer lane-status understanding that makes driving more convenient and stress-free.

With the Ford Blind Spot Information System, you are easily and sufficiently notified of upcoming vehicles in your blind-spot. With a bright yellow light indication, you are carefully prevented from making contact with another vehicle while driving, protecting you and your passengers from harm. This feature entails two sensors: one on the left side of the vehicle and one on the right - both within the rear tail lights. This way drivers get an early detection for the safest outcomes.

Visit Victory Ford today for a test drive of a Ford vehicle that entails the sweet relief of the Blind Spot Information System technology.
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