Save Your Sanity with These Kid-Friendly Road Trip Tips

We love bringing our kids on vacations and helping them form happy memories in their childhood but, bless 'em, they can be a bit of a handful sometimes when you keep them strapped in a car for hours on end. So, if you have a family road trip coming up, allow us to give you some tips that will keep everyone smiling.

In the video below, an experienced mom offers up some friendly advice and tips on how she keeps her kids entertained on long rides; her kids even chime in from time to time with their own thoughts on the matter! Take a look for yourself, or read our short written list, and feel that vacation stress melt off just a little bit. No matter where you're going, we hope you have an experience that you treasure for the rest of your life!

  • Comfy clothes reduce fidgeting and soft blankets might even get them to nap for a bit
  • Junk food makes kinds antsy; instead, try fruits and veggies as snacks
  • Same thing with soda and juice; instead, have plenty of water on hand
  • Provide snacks and drinks in bowls and cups, preventing any fights over proportions
  • Give everyone headphones so nobody argues about music choices
  • If they get bored, books and art supplies will make those hours fly by
  • Don't forget about yourself! Music, podcasts, and audiobooks are excellent road companions



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