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A Century of Trucking Excellence with Ford

This month, it's been 100 years since our favorite American automaker officially entered the truck business and now, a century later, we have the 2017 Ford F-150 to get us through nearly any driving situation that comes our way! It's hard to visualize 100 years of change so, to make it very clear, the automaker has put together a video that shows their trucks from their humble beginnings all the way up to the upcoming 2018 F-150. Take a look and get a quick history lesson with us:


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Navigate life more easily with the Ford Escape

Every day is different. Some days are seamless and others require a little more effort to navigate. However, when you drive the 2017 Ford Escape, even the more stressful days are enjoyable.


You have a lot on your hands. We have just the trick to make you feel unstoppable. #FordEscape

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The Ford Escape is peppered with all the features you need and didn’t even know you needed. Here at Victory Ford, we love its hands-free, foo

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4 Reasons to Think Inside the Box: 2018 Ford Flex

637 × 477
Huey Lewis could have been talking about the Ford Flex when he sang "It's hip to be square." Though some find the shape egregious, the Flex takes full advantage of its boxiness to deliver comfort, utility, and driving performance.

In a 2018 Ford Flex Expert Review, highlights a few of the SUV's best features:

Roominess. The Flex has three rows, and seats up to seven with decent legroom in the third row and up to 83 cubic feet of cargo space.

Multipanel Vista Roof. This optional feature earned a special call-out for turning all three rows…

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The Luxury and Power You Need in the 2017 Ford F-150 Platinum

When you take the wheel of a full-size pickup truck like the 2017 Ford F-150, you can be sure that performance and power come standard; however, for some drivers like Gary "The Ripper" Ripowski in the video below, some luxury is required as well for true satisfaction. Take a look below to learn what Gary loves about his F-150 in the luxurious Platinum trim. From the towing and hauling capabilities, to the stylish design, massaging seats, powerful 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine, the safety of the rearview camera, and more, you can hear all he has to say in the…

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Get the Auto Service You Deserve at Victory Ford

When you're in need of repairs and maintenance, do you leave the care of your Ford vehicle in the hands of some local mechanic or do you choose the excellent expertise of a Ford service center technician? Well, we here at Victory Ford strongly encourage the latter; with years of experience and professional training, you can rest assured that our service experts know your vehicle front to back, top to bottom, inside and out.


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Consider the 2017 Ford Fusion for Your Next Family Hauler

While we here at Victory Ford have love for every ride on the roster, lately we've been especially enamored by one vehicle in particular.

And its name?

Why, none other than our midsize sedan, the 2017 Fusion! Check the clip below to learn a bit more about it from Managing Editor Jodi Lai:

Talk about a terrific entry-level offering -- that's precisely what one will get with the Fusion S.

Standard features on this model include 16-inch alloy wheels, automatic headlamps, LED taillights, a rearview camera, a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, voice-command functionality ...

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Categories: , , Gives 2017 Ford Focus RS Glowing Review

No matter what kind of vehicles you may be into, the sure is an awful lot to appreciate about the 2017 Focus RS, our esteemed American automaker's hot hatchback.

Think that we here at Victory Ford are the only ones who feel as we do? Well, guess again ...

Evidently, Road Test Editor Dan Ilika is also quite fond of the Focus RS. Check out his evaluation of it right here:

Simultaneously a beauty and beast, the Focus RS's turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine is altogether out of this world.

Churning out a colossal 350 horsepower and…

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Are Your Brakes up to Par?

Ah, brakes-who ever gives them a second thought until there's a clear sign of trouble? But just because they are seldom thought of doesn't mean that they are any less important. There's a lot riding on them and they need some TLC too.
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Tire Rotation Extends Life of Tires

Rotating your tires allows your tires to wear evenly, therefore, extending the length of time you can use them. Since the cost of new tires is easily at least $100 each, you want to get the most out of each set. It makes sense to replace two tires at one time, either the front two or rear two.
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